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Professional Fireplace Insert Installation

At Croft Fireplaces, we offer many different products throughout Weber County, Davis County, and the surrounding areas. Ranging from services like fireplace installation to the purchase of an outdoor fireplace structure, we can take care of all of your heating needs in the Salt Lake area. One of our most modern and popular gas products is fireplace inserts, which always come with our professional fireplace insert installation within Summit County and the surrounding areas. Fireplace inserts gained considerable popularity as people came to realize how inefficient traditional fireplaces can be.

Fireplace inserts are fireboxes made from steel that we place into existing open-masonry fireplaces. This masonry is generally made of brick, rock, or cinder block, which allows for easy installation because of their non-combustible, heat-resistant builds. After installing, fireplace inserts are decorated with a trim of your choosing and function as efficient alternatives to existing fireplace structures. Fireplace inserts are great options if you want a gas or propane alternative for your fireplace. Our fireplace inserts are an excellent way to provide a facelift for your home and are a great option for people considering affordable fireplace remodeling.

Unlike traditional fireplaces, which take air out of the room in order to continue to feed the fire, the fireplace inserts we offer in Salt Lake County operate with a Direct Vent System. This means that the fireplace insert will take the air it needs to continue running from outside of your house, rather than from the room that it is meant to heat. This sort of system allows for more efficient heating because the fireplace insert isn’t taking the air that it’s already heated to create more heated air.

During the fireplace insert installation process, there are many different options people have when it comes to customizing their fireplace insert to their liking. For people looking for an indoor gas fireplace, our gas fireplace insert installation in Weber County and surrounding areas is perfect for you. If you’re not interested in a gas fireplace insert, they can also be fueled with a variety of other sources including:

  • Electricity
  • Wood
  • Pellets
  • Propane

Many people prefer gas, electric, or propane fireplace inserts because they don’t have to worry about gathering materials to continue running the insert. With the push of a button, your fireplace insert can be warming up your house.

Just as we offer fireplace repair services for traditional fireplaces, we offer fireplace insert repair services as well. Over time, when any appliance or household fixture is frequently used, it will need maintenance of some degree. We always encourage our clients in Summit County and the surrounding areas to come to Croft Fireplace when they need their Fireplace Xtrordinair, Lopi, Avalon, Marquis, Hargrove, or Valor fireplace repaired.

We’re passionate about offering the best fireplace insert installation solutions in the Salt Lake, Summit, and Davis County areas. If you are interested in purchasing a fireplace insert or are in need of fireplace repair services of any kind, don’t hesitate to give us a call. You can reach us at is (801) 295-4141 for our Bountiful location and (801) 410-4972 for our Salt Lake City location.