Real estate surveys have shown that home buyers either actively look for a house with a fireplace, or consider a fireplace to be an attractive quality in a potential new home.  It’s clear that if you’re looking to add value to your property, you can’t go wrong by calling Croft Fireplace for a gas fireplace installation, whether you live in Summit County or anywhere in the nearby communities. This video illustrates just a few reasons
When considering home improvement projects to undertake during the summer, installing a fireplace might be the farthest thing from your mind as you crank up the air conditioning and try to escape the oppressive heat outside.  The truth is, the late summer months are ideal for a fireplace installation. Cooler weather will be here before you know it, and if you call Croft Fireplace now to schedule a wood or gas fireplace installation in Summit
Choosing between a zero-clearance fireplace and a fireplace insert is very much dependent on your home’s particular needs. It is very similar to making the choice between an indoor and an outdoor fireplace in Weber County— a night-and-day difference! Find out what’s right for you by first understanding the difference between zero-clearance fireplace installation and a fireplace insert. If you’re also interested in learning more about outdoor patio fireplaces in Weber County, we can also
If you’re planning your summer party, soiree, jamboree, or any of the above, do it with fire! Learn how to prepare for the best summer night of 2019 and with many more to come. By investing in an outdoor fireplace in Weber County or surrounding areas, you will not only have a main meeting place, but also open the door to many other fun and exciting attributes for your festivity. Keep it lit! Find your
While everyone else is scrambling to get their fireplace in working order, you’ll already be basquing in the warmth of an updated indoor or outdoor fireplace in Weber County. When you need to upgrade your fireplace to a brand new, modern version, Croft Fireplace is the place to visit. Don’t wait until the last days of summer to get your indoor fireplace or outdoor gas fire pit table upgraded in Wasatch County. Our team provides
Sure, an outdoor fireplace looks beautiful in your outdoor living space, but it offers many more advantages in addition to it’s visual aesthetics. An outdoor fireplace or fire pit adds value to your home in ways you can’t even imagine. These benefits alone are reason enough to gift yourself with a luxurious outdoor fireplace if you live in or around Weber County. Croft Fireplace has a wide assortment of outdoor gas firepit tables in Wasatch
There is no better way to end a summer night than by gathering around a cozy fire outdoors with your loved ones. Not only does a fire pit or outdoor fireplace bring everyone together to share some warmth as the sun sets and a chill breezes in, but it also adds superior aesthetic value to the exterior of any property. As the authority for fireplace designs in Weber County, our team at Croft Fireplace wants
When considering the purchase of luxury products, we’re confident that a fireplace is rarely the first item to come to mind for many. However, as the premier company for fireplace designs in Summit County, luxury fireplaces are all we think about at Croft Fireplace. In addition to the vast array of indoor and outdoor fireplaces offered at Croft Fireplace, we’d like to show off one of the hottest fireplaces on the market — the DaVinci
Fireplaces are known for adding value to a home by giving it more character and charm. But if your home’s fireplace is old or damaged it could not only be decreasing the value of your home but also costing you more money in utility bills. If you have already requested a fireplace installation in Davis County, here are a few things you should consider when you map out your renovation project. Stage 1: Evaluating The
Many homeowners are already aware of the fact that gas fireplaces are a safer home heating option than their wood-burning counterparts. While gas fireplaces do not produce smoke, sparks, or soot, there are still some basic precautions every homeowner should take to protect their family. As the most reliable providers of gas fireplace services in Davis County, we’ve created a short list of safety tips to help you stay safe and warm all winter long.