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Monthly Archives: July 2019

Zero-Clearance Fireplaces VS Fireplace Inserts

Posted on by Lance Bachmann

Choosing between a zero-clearance fireplace and a fireplace insert is very much dependent on your home’s particular needs. It is very similar to making the choice between an indoor and an outdoor fireplace in Weber County— a night-and-day difference!

How to Throw a Lit Summer Party with Fire

Posted on by Lance Bachmann

If you’re planning your summer party, soiree, jamboree, or any of the above, do it with fire! Learn how to prepare for the best summer night of 2019 and with many more to come. By investing in an outdoor fireplace in Weber County or surrounding areas, you will not only have a main meeting place, but also open the door to many other fun and exciting attributes for your festivity. Keep it lit!